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Our History

Old picture of entrance to theatre

Sam Bass Theatre Association was incorporated in Texas in 1973. Our former performance space, The Old Depot Stage, was one of the original depot buildings for the Union Pacific Railroad that ran through Round Rock, Texas.

The building was about half its current size, and was located at 109 E Main Street in Round Rock. This was our home from 1981 until 1984, until it was moved to its most recent physical location in Memorial Park in Round Rock where it remained until it was closed in March 2024. 

Major renovation was needed to turn the Old Depot into an adequate performance space, and as we continued to grow, so did the theatre.

After many years of poor management and missed opportunities, the theatre began to thrive again under new management. Some of the improvements and repairs that have been made since 2017:

  • New theatre exit ramp

  • Upgraded electrical, security, and safety 

          systems installed and implemented

  • New HVAC system

  • The roof was either repaired, restored, or replaced, where needed

  • Insulation was replaced.

  • New toilets installed

  • New beverage refrigerator for concessions

  • Ticket booth was replaced with a new poster sign showing current and upcoming productions

Unfortunately, in March 2024, based a number of factors, SBTA decided to close its historical performance venue at 600 N. Lee St. in Round Rock, TX. 

We are still an active 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and will continue to produce quality entertainment and educational opportunities for children and adults.

Old picture of outside theatre with ticket booth
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