Board of Directors

Kerry Coward, President and Treasurer

Kerry Coward


Nick Wigg, Vice-President

Nick Wigg

Vice President

Alora Pilgrim, Secretary

Alora Pilgrim


Ashley Zeh-Perez, Artistic Director

Ashley Zeh-Perez

Artistic Director

Vacant Board Positions

Interested in joining the board? To join the board nominations may be made by the nominee themselves but must be expressed:

  • From a member in good standing with a written or emailed nomination.

  • From the floor by a member in good standing at the general membership meeting on the second Saturday of each month. 

Vacancies within the Board of Directors shall be filled through the nomination and majority vote of the remaining board members.

The following roles are currently vacant: 

Managing Director:

  • Oversees the issuance of Season Tickets, Comp Tickets, Cast & Crew Comps

  • Serves as House Manager

  • Serves as Box Office Director – In charge of managing Box Office, Ticket Sales and Front of House Needs. 

  • Oversees and coordinates Volunteers to serve as ushers and concessions workers.

  • Maintains up-to-date Membership, Season Ticket Holder, email, and postal mailing lists 

  • Inventories and distributes theatre keys. 

* If you're interested in a position that is currently filled for this season, some sitting board members are up for re election at the membership meeting we hold at the beginning of each season. Nominations are done in the same way but voting is done by the theatre members in good standing.