Sam Bass Theatre 2021-2022 Season

Hillbilly Hamlet
(by Shakespeare)
Directed by Ashley Kelashian

A modern rendition of Shakespeare's epic drama set in the American South. Outside of a rundown trailer, the leader of a meth empire, now a ghost, asks his child, Hamlet, to avenge his murder. A tale of betrayal, depression, heartbreak, violence.... and the lengths one will go to for justice. 


Christmas Traditions
(new work)
Directed by Sara deSoto



Grandpa telling story of the elves and the shoemaker. Story being acted out along with narration.

Dear Brutus 

(by JM Barrie)

Directed by Bethany Watkin

A bizarre and puckish host (Noble Shropshire) has invited a group of strangers to his country estate on a midsummer's eve. When a mysterious forest suddenly appears outside the mansion, they are invited to enter and walk down the paths they could have chosen earlier in life. 


R.U.R. Rossums Universal Robots
(by Robots- Karel Capek)
Directed by Josh Perez



Two robots—Primus and Helena—seem to have souls (perhaps given to them by the physiologist Dr. Gall before he was killed). Alquist discovers that these robots are in love and decides that this means that the world is saved.

The Red Lamp 
(by Hilliard Boot)
Directed by Sara deSoto

A hungry tramp breaks into a house for food and recognizes a lamp which supposedly brings good luck when lighted. The son befriends the tramp, who leaves on the approach of the head of the house-- a strict maiden lady, the boy's aunt. The boy agrees to light the lamp after his aunt has gone, as a signal for the tramp to return. The daughter also agrees to use the same signal to let her lover know her aunt-- who disapproves of the match-- has left the house. The aunt herself lights the lamp as a signal to a neighbor to have tea ready. Ensuing complications are fast, furious, and unexpected..

Youth Guild Show
Directed by Ashley Kelashian

These projects are funded in part by the City of Round Rock