Dear Brutus
                                        by JM Barrie
                 Directed by Bethany Watkin

Open Call Auditions
January 3rd and 4th
7pm - 9pm
Location: Sam Bass Theatre
               600 N Lee St
               Round Rock, TX 78664

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Actors of all ages, races, genders and abilities are welcome to attend. No sign ups necessary, please feel free to attend either evening!

Performance Dates: February 10th - 27th
(Thursday - Saturday Evenings, Sunday Afternoons)

Rehearsal Dates: January 7th - February 9th
(Detailed times and dates will be provided at auditions.) 


All rehearsals and performances will take place at the Sam Bass Theatre (subject to change). 

Character Breakdowns

Will Dearth- Tortured Artist, finds solace in drink and is unhappily married to Alice. (20s-40s)

Alice Dearth- Dark but brave spirit believes she has married below her status. (20s-40s)

Margaret- Beautiful & bewitching girl. The daughter of the Dearths, that never was. (Played by an older teen or young adult)


Mabel Purdie- Indifferent wife to Jack (30s-50s)

Jack Purdie- Brilliant, intellectual man, Very “liked” by most, although a philanderer (30-50s)

Joanna Trout- Attractive physically, but dull in humor & love. Is in love with Jack or thinks she is. (30-50s)


Matey- The perfect butler, but a thief. Works for Lob (20-40s)

Lady Caroline- snobbish aristocrat, replaces her “r” sounds with “w’. (20-40s)


Emma Coade- An elderly congenial woman, married to Mr. Coade (50+)

Mr. Coade- An elderly extremely feisty and endearing man. (50+)


Lob- a bizarre and puckish host. No one knows his real age and he speaks to his flowers

Please feel free to email with any questions!