Christmas Traditions
By: Sara deSoto
Directed by: Kathryn Susanne Sterling

Sign up for an audition slot on October 18th HERE!

The audition sign up link above works best on a desktop computer - if you have trouble signing up for an audition time, walk-ins are also welcome!

Announcing open auditions for an original holiday production written by Sara deSoto and directed by Kathryn Susanne Sterling! Seeking adult and youth actors of all ages, races, and abilities. Find the full synopsis and character breakdown at the bottom of this page. 

Location:  Sam Bass Theatre

                   600 N Lee St, Round Rock, TX 78664

                   (auditions, rehearsals, and performances)


Auditions: October 18th

                   Time: 6pm – 9pm (sign up for a 30min time slot)

                   Please perform a memorized one-minute monologue. Arrive at the theatre                             at least five minutes before your scheduled audition time. Bring a hard                                   copy of your headshot and resume if you have them.

Callbacks: October 20th

                   Time: 6pm to 9pm

                    Note: Callbacks will be by invitation only and will consist of cold readings                        from the provided script.



          October 25th – December 1st

          Monday, Weds, Thursday and Friday evenings.



         December 2nd – 5th

         December 9th – 12th

         December 16th  – 19th

         Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Sunday afternoons.

Christmas Traditions


On a snowy Christmas Eve, a grandfather entertains his rambunctious grandchildren with stories from around the world, teaching them all the true meaning of Christmas and passing along family traditions to the next generation.

Character Breakdowns:

Grandfather – Loves history and learning about other cultures. Uses this knowledge to help his grandchildren understand how other countries and cultures celebrate at this special time of year… with he help of some imaginary friends and a little holiday magic. (Major speaking role.)

Grandmother - A cookie making machine who babies her dog… a Chihuahua named Buster. (Small speaking role.)

Mother – Is maybe not-so-slowly losing her patience with her kids as they experience the typical pre-Christmas excitement. At the same time, she is worried about her husband as he travels home. (Small / Medium Speaking Role)

Father – Recently took a job that required the family to move across the country, sending his wife and kids ahead so they would have an extra day or two with the Grandparents. He faces winter storms and canceled flights as he tries to make it in time to spend Christmas Eve with his family. (Medium Speaking Role)

Aaron – Middle sibling. He is more vocal and likes to act like a “tough guy”. He is curious and tends to question everything. (Medium/Large speaking role.)

Matthew – Youngest of the siblings. He looks up to his older siblings, though he most imitates Aaron. (Medium/Large speaking role.)

Brooke – Eldest of the siblings. Artistic and the only girl. Her brothers mildly annoy her and she is able to return compliments as well as insults with ease. (Small/Medium speaking role.)

The Players – A group of non-speaking but very important roles. They will be the “figments of imagination” that are only seen by the children. They act out stories as the Grandfather reads them. They will also be slowly decorating the Christmas Tree as the Grandfather tells his tales. (Non-speaking roles).