Creon is now king of Thebes. He decrees that the dead body of Polynices, who fought against his native city, will not be given burial rites but will be left to rot, as a warning to traitors. Creon further decrees that anyone who does try to bury Polynices will be punished with death.  Antigone is grieving for the loss of her two brothers. She declares that the burial traditions are the unwritten laws of the gods, and are more important than the decrees of one man. She vows to give Polynices the proper burial rites. 

RESCHEDULED FOR NEXT WEEKEND: 2/27/2021 & 2/28/2021

By appointment only Saturday & Sunday 2/20/2021 & 2/21/2021 4-7 pm

We are looking for Antigone, Creon & Chorus (2-3) Chorus members who can play multiple roles. Character descriptions:

Monologues: Prepare two monologues for audition. One must be the Chorus monologue. (Please bring monologues with you to audition. Memorization encouraged but not required.)